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2021-22 Existing Player Roster Registration

  • League: Chicago Outdoor Hockey League
  • Season: 2021-22 Winter Outdoor Ice


This registration is only for players and subs who have been invited by their captain to register onto their team roster. THIS IS NOT FOR NEW INDY REGISTRATIONS (PLAYERS WITHOUT A TEAM). Must be 18 or older to register. Every player must have medical insurance coverage per league and rink rules. Please have your medical insurance and emergency contact info handy when starting this registration. Note that USA Hockey membership is not considered medical insurance.



We follow state and local mandates and any rules instituted by the rinks we play at.


The Chicago Outdoor Hockey League (COHL) is an 18 and over coed adult recreational non-check outdoor hockey league. League games are played at outdoor rinks throughout the Chicagoland area.

We play hockey the way it was meant to be played.


The following skill level divisions are currently available in the COHL this season. This is subject to change following registration.:

B Lower (Advanced): Very skilled hockey players who play at a high level. Often these are people who played hockey since they were young. Generally, these players have at least 10 years experience, over 4 years of organized/coached hockey experience, and a complete understanding of the rules of play. These players have great stick handling skills and can confidently skate both forwards and backwards with ease.

C (Intermediate): The most popular skill level of hockey players is somewhere in the “C” range (i.e. average skill). Players typically have at least 5 years of experience, 2 years of organized/coached experience, and have a complete understanding of the rules of play. Players have average stick handling skills, are comfortable skating both forwards and backwards, and can easily perform a “hockey stop”. The COHL breaks out the C skill level into the following two divisions:

Upper C (Intermediate): 5-10 years recent experience playing at C level.

Lower C (Intermediate): 2-5 years recent experience playing at C level.

D (Novice): For players with lesser defined skating and stick skills. Players should be comfortable skating forwards and backwards, and performing a “hockey stop”, but have a good amount of work to do on their stick-handling and shooting skills.

D (Beginner): The COHL encourages adults to take up the game of hockey and this skill level is ideal for those that have been skating and playing some hockey for at least a year and are ready to try organized hockey. Players typically have 1-3 years experience of skating plus at least 1 year of completely some sort of beginner hockey training/coaching. Prior to joining any league, players should be comfortable skating forwards and performing a “hockey stop”, but likely have work to do on their backwards skating, stick-handling, and shooting skills. 

Note to players with NO hockey playing experience: We love adult players that are new to the game, but at this time the COHL does not offer a skill division for completely new players to the game of hockey. It is too dangerous to the new player and the players and officials on the ice. Every COHL player should have at least 1-3 years experience skating AND 1-2 years playing in pickup hockey games and or 1-2 years of basic hockey skills development (e.g., completing a Hockey 101 coached session) before playing in a COHL league setting. Once these skills are acquired, then the best next step is our D (Beginner) skill division.


  • If we are allowed to start league play, games would be scheduled to start December 4, 2021 and would go through end of February or first week of March, weather pending.
  • Played the way it was meant to be played (that means outdoors) 
  • 18 and over, both men and women (coed)
  • Saturday and Sunday start times 8am-8pm (one game per week, day varies weekly)
  • 5-on-5 full equipment, shoulders optional
  • NEW! Game Time and Penalty Format. We have extend our game time format to a 70 minute play time (vs 60 minute in past seasons). Two (2) 32-minute running time halves (with stop time during last 2 minutes if goal differential 2 or less). Penalties = penalty shots (or suspensions). This is simply extending our play time under our existing league format.
  • Guaranteed minimum nine (9) games
  • Single elimination playoffs, all teams make the playoffs
  • Opportunity to play in the All Star Game (each skill level) at the End of the Season Party if nominated by your team and selected by the league
  • 2-person referee/officials system for every game
  • Stats tracked by scorekeepers and provided online on this site and via the HockeyShift app
  • No games will be played on holiday weekends (December 25, 26 and January 1, 2) 
  • No player giveaway this season: Due to manufacturing and other issues caused by the pandemic, we will NOT have a player giveaway this season (2021-22)


Northside: Iceland Skate Complex,  8435 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714, (847) 297-8010

  • Times: Games will vary on Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 8pm
  • Skills offered: 5 skills – D Upper and D Lower, C Upper and C Lower, B

Southside: Bobby Hull Community Ice Rink,  3400 S 53rd Ave, Cicero, IL 60804, (708) 477-6875

  • Times: Games will vary Saturday and Sundays 8am to 2pm
  • Skills offered: 5 skills – D Upper and D Lower, C Upper and C Lower, B

Skills-based divisions may change following team registration. Teams may be re-seeded after the first two weeks of the season. Final Championship games will likely be played at IceLand. Additional games may be played at MB Financial Place in Rosemont, IL.


Note: These are last year's rules. Updated rules will be published on our website and shared with captains by November 2021.

Download/View last season's complete Rules and Regulations.


Are you a goalie interested in subbing for other teams in addition to your main team? Goalies play free! After you register on your main team here, please email Kevin Clark and let him know you want to also be listed as a sub goalie. Thanks!


All players will be required to sign the following Player Waiver during registration. Please note, the rinks may require players to sign an additional waiver at their discretion.

Download/View our Player Waiver